This is just a place I can place links to educational material. Bear in mind that I don't agree with or endorse everything on each of these sites. I am not one, however, to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Law 101
Frederic Bastiat's The Law

On the Economic Meltdown
The Economic Collapse
Zero Hedge
Liberty Revival

On Gold, Silver, and mining stocks
SilverGoldSilver (language warning)
Gold Stocks Daily
Turd Ferguson's Along the Watchtower
The Fundamental View

On Freegold
Friend of Friend of Another's blog
Gold Subject's synopsis of Freegold

On Prep
The Kodiak Files
How to Vanish
Preparedness Pro

On the Religion of the Pedophile "Prophet"
Bare Naked Islam
Religion of Peace

General Good Reading
Letters from an Ohio Farmer
The Arctic Patriot
Western Rifle Shooters Association
Gabe Suarez's Warrior Talk News
American Mercenary
Sovereign Man
David Codrea's The War on Guns
Mr. Lock and Load