Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gotta get this offa my chest...

...and since I've got exactly ONE follower, it won't much matter what I say here, will it? Here goes...


I mean, I get it that Joe Miller wasn't a strong candidate. He was of a lower caliber than Sarah Palin, I think, and I don't care much for her. But you ditched him in favor of Teh Crown Princess Lisa MooCOWski?!!! You had to write her name in to do it too! And I've analyzed the votes. It wasn't Democraps that put her over the top. Take my district, for example:

Registered voters: 2021
Cards cast: 965
As an aside to the 55% of you who didn't bother to show up: why bother registering to vote, when you're too damned lazy to actually exercise that right? Seriously, why? Does it make you feel better to have a voter registration card in your wallet?

First, let's look at the governor's race:
  1. Parnell/Treadwell: 628
  2. Berkowitz/Benson: 296
  3. Everyone else: 34
From this, we can pretty confidently establish that my district tends roughly 66% conservative, 33% liberal, 1% lunatic (I'm using these terms loosely, of course).

Now, let's look at the House race:
  1. Young: 721
  2. Crawford: 225
  3. Everyone else: 6
Again, we see pretty much the same percentages, but obviously about 70 liberals were a) pleased enough with Young's welfare state mentality, or b) turned off by what a tool Crawford is that they jumped ship and voted for Young. Or both.
Now, let's examine the Senate race, the one that is truly mind-numbing:
  1. Miller: 484
  2. Write-in votes: 274
  3. McAdams: 186
  4. Everyone else: 14
So, the same 70 liberals that voted for Don Young also wrote in Lisa. Another 40 realized how stupid it would be to vote for a fat slob like McAdams, and wrote in Lisa. That still leaves roughly 150 people WHO VOTED FOR PARNELL... writing in MooCOWski. That's right: ONE THIRD of the people that voted "conservative" for governor chose the pro-abortion, tax-and-spend, arrogant, entitled, lying scumbucket over the guy who told a little white lie (or forgot) about using government computers for personal use once, and who CORRECTLY identified all sorts of social(ist) programs as being unconstitutional. Morons.

"My peasants...I mean subjects... I mean supporters are SO easy to manipulate!"
The possible redeeming factors:
  • I know people who wrote their own names in the write-in spot.
  • Having worked counting ballots when I was a poor college student, I know there are lots of jokers out there that write in Mickey Mouse, Hugh Jass, etc.
  • There are 30,000 absentee ballots that have yet to be counted.
We'll see where this goes, but my faith in the so-called conservatives in this state is mightily shaken. One more reason I refuse to call myself a "conservative" -- I get grouped in with all you idiots.

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  1. 1. too much black, hard to read, dammit
    2. put no trust in horses, chariots or princes
    3. a few funerals will solve many problems in the archdiocese.
    4. this too shall pass
    5. I haven't lost my head yet, nor compromised my conscience
    6. God bless you