Monday, June 6, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly

I've long held that the love affair that conservatives have with Sarah Palin is based on two things: she's cute, and she says what they want to hear. In some ways, she's the conservative version of Obama; he made all sorts of vague promises on the campaign trail that fell by the wayside once he was elected. I have no reason to believe that she'd be any different once in office. After all, she acted all starry-eyed for Juan McAmnesty in 2008.

When it comes to substance, I'm not sure anyone can make the case that she's a good candidate, which presents a challenge to those that argue we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I'll admit, she's more attractive (as a person, not necessarily a candidate) than Herman Cain; and it would be sort of cool to say I've bought guns at the same store as the President of the USA. But please don't tell me she's for a return to Constitutional government. She is demonstrably not.

Karl Denninger has a post on the subject that hits the nail on the head.


  1. The return to a Constitutional government is where its at for me. So many of the new congress people elected last fall voted for the renewal of the so called Patriot Act a couple of weeks ago, including Allen West and Michele Bachmann. I'm afraid that at this point, it's looking like we get Obama for a second term.

  2. While I do respect Mr. Denninger's intelligence on certain subjects(economics in particular), I find his post a study in irony.

    Is this the same Karl Denninger who constantly screams and howls about how the whole system is corrupt, and where the hell are the cops, and on and on? Perhaps he can find us another candidate with a proven track record of fighting corruption regardless of Party, Politics or Popularity. C'mon, Karl--tell us who's proven themselves a better choice.

    Anyone...? Beuller...? Beuller...? Yeah. Exactly.

    If you truly want to clean up the corruption in DC, you can have Sheriff Palin ride in with her asskicking boots on...or you can have four more years of Business As Usual. Your call.