Monday, February 7, 2011


I was teaching history to my four oldest kids today; we were covering the twilight of the Moghul empire. When I wrote the name of the Sayyid brothers on the white board, I asked, "Based on their names Hussain and Hassan, what religion were they?" (Husayn ibn Ali and Hasan ibn Ali were grandsons of Mohamed)

My younger son, who loves to guess at answers without putting any thought into what he's saying before hand, said, "Russian. Pirate. Catholic." But he ran the words together, trying to get as many guesses out there before anyone else spoke up... so it came out sounding like he said, "Russian Pirate Catholic."

My youngest, who has just started babbling incessantly (you parents know what I'm talking about), told her first joke today:
SQ: Knock, Knock.
Me: Who's there?
SQ: Kangaroo.
Me: Kangaroo who?
SQ: Poop.
(raucous, gut-busting laughter from the siblings)

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