Saturday, February 19, 2011

Concerned American: "The rule of law in this country is dead."

A somewhat depressing article by Concerned American that you need to read. It's his response to a Rolling Stone article entitled Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? which is also worth reading, as long as you don't mind getting pissed off.

Arctic Patriot's initial reaction. Then he slept on it and wrote something a little more measured.

I'm not optimistic about this stuff at all. That's why we've been working so hard on getting out of debt (only a couple months left) and learning to live a simpler life for the past several years. I'd encourage you to do the same.


  1. My family's been on a cash-only basis for the last 11 years. No outstanding debts at this point and - God willing - we won't incur any in the future. It does slow things like car purchases, and puts a new auto just about out of reach. But that's okay.

  2. It forces you to live a simpler life, doesn't it, Rev? I'll be the first to admit, we still use a credit card for some things. It's darn near impossible to buy anything over the internet or do business without it. But, we've been trying to discipline ourselves to stay within our cash budget for several years now. Almost all the meat in our freezer, we either hunt or raise ourselves. We put in a wood cookstove and learned to use it. We've started having some of the like-minded neighbors over to just talk and get to know each other, because, like Concerned American, I don't believe any of us can make it through the looming conflagration alone.