Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Noze! We're All Gonna Die!

Yeah, that's the basic content of half the emails and ButtFace FaceBook posts from my reactionary friends and family (the ones referred to in my last post as pessimistic suckers) regarding the Japanese reactors.

In the interest of spreading more level-headed information (as opposed to the ignorant crap at Prison Planet*), here is the email message I composed to some of my wild-eyed family members today:

I'd recommend taking anything on Prison Planet with a grain of salt. They tend toward the sensational and are notorious for playing fast and loose with the facts. Just to put this all into perspective, here is a trio of informational sites, from folks that know something about nuclear power (which the Prison Planet guy clearly does not) and are closely monitoring the situation:


Lots of good information at these sites, without the pseudo-science favored by the sensationalist media.

Just a word of warning on potassium iodide: you shouldn't take it unless you have a thyroid condition or there is imminent threat of exposure to dangerous levels of radiation. An excess of iodine in an otherwise-healthy individual can cause hyperthyroidism and other severe problems.

Also, be aware of the difference between potassium iodate and potassium iodide. They are NOT the same thing. Potassium iodide is far safer and more effective. If you do buy "anti-radiation" pills, do not purchase potassium iodate.

If you do end up needing to take potassium iodide, it is important to understand that taking more than the recommended dose (130mg per 24 hours for an adult) can be extremely harmful, and even deadly. In addition, it should also be clear that potassium iodide will not protect you from radiation -- all it will do is prevent radioactive iodine from collecting in your thyroid.
* Alex Jones is a loon at best, and at worst, either a disinformation agent or a master snake oil salesman. I refuse to link to his web site, and I would highly recommend that you avoid at all costs contaminating your mind and soul by visiting it.

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