Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out With A Whimper

Some folks may have thought I was overstating my case a while back when I wrote about the American dictatorship. More evidence is piling up, however, that supports the notion that we have indeed finally crossed the Rubicon and are ruled by a Julius. If this historical reenactment continues to unfold (God forbid), the next administration may very well be our Octavian.

Exhibit A: Mr. Obama has unconstitutionally engaged us in a war without even seeking token approval of Congress. The Executive Office is not allowed by the Constitution to engage us in a war without the express approval of Congress. At least the previous administrations made the effort to get approval of some sort from Congress before spending our blood and treasure on foreign entanglements. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, has committed our forces in Libya without even bothering to speak to Congress.

Exhibit B: Mr. Obama has decreed that the United States is legally bound by Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention. This Protocol was never ratified by Congress, and therefore it cannot hold the force of law in the United States, per the Constitution.

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