Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arctic Patriot Nails It

Catching up on blog reading today while waiting for some long queries to finish running. Found this post by Arctic Patriot that puts into words about as close as possible to how I felt when I heard OBL was dead. My earlier post was a rant about the stupid but utterly predictable reactions by Republicrats and Demicans to the news. My own personal reaction was in lock-step with what AP feels. Go read it here: A Bit of DILLIGAF

Now that he's dead, do we get OUR CONSTITUTION BACK?
Now that he's dead, will our GOVERNMENT STOP MOLESTING OUR CHILDREN, GROPING OUR WIVES, HUMILIATING OUR PEOPLE, and trampling on the Bill of Rights?
bin Laden was a far lesser threat to the American way of life and liberty than is our own government.

Update: AP has another post that nails it again: Domestic Enemies.
Bin Laden was true to his cause to the end.  He died facing his enemy.  Our oathbreaking, anti-liberty extremist terrorists in DC are traitors.
Preach it brother!

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