Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hypocrites Left And Right

It never ceases to amaze me how hypocritical most of the mindless drones in this country are. When a Democrat is president, he can do no right, according to the Republicans. When a Republican is president, he can do no right, according to the Democrats. What's worse is that most R-drones and D-drones are completely blind to this reality.

Hey, bed-wetting Democrats, don't you remember how much crap you gave Bush for the whole "Mission Accomplished" thing? So why are you now insisting that Obama be given lauds for the killing of OBL? Oh, and by the way, what ever happened to your anti-war protests? Your president is involved in even more illegal wars than your favorite punching bag, Bushitler. Oh yeah, and why aren't you blaming Obama and his buddies in Big Oil for high gas prices--higher than they ever were under Bush?

Hey, empty-headed Republicans, you don't get a free pass either. If Bush got so many kudos for "successfully prosecuting the War on Terror" without ever setting foot on the battlefield, how come you won't give Obama the same credit for OBL being killed on his watch? And why are you bitching about Libya when you were 100% behind Iraq and Afghanistan? And where were your economic complaints when Bush shoved TARP down our throats?

You're all a bunch of hypocritical buffoons, and that is why I refuse to associate myself with either of your stupid political parties. It's hard enough voting for one of your idiots; don't expect me to give my time and treasure to support your party.

Look, it's simple: whoever is president gets the blame for all the crap that happens on his watch, and he gets the praise for all the good stuff that happens on his watch. Carter is still reviled to this day for presiding over the natural result of Nixon's monetary policy decisions. Clinton got lots of undeserved praise for presiding over a great economy, which was merely a fluke of history. Is it fair? Of course not. But either be consistent and call it like a baseball game (winning pitcher: Bush, save: Obama) or shut up.

Republicans should give Democrats this one. BHO deserves the recognition of being the C in C when OBL was gunned down. They've got precious little else to look up to him for, and there's plenty else about the SOB for your vituperation. And Democrats, if you're willing to give Bush praise for kicking Saddam's ass in only 20 days, then you can start talking about how great Obama is for "taking down" OBL; until then, shut the pie-hole.

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