Friday, May 6, 2011

Ripe for the Moon god's harvest (redux)


<swear word/>

A friend posted this photo on Buttface Facebook today:

And one of her friends had this to say:
There are extremists in every group.
To which I responded:
I can't count the number of times I've seen Christian and Jewish and Hindu extremists marching in the streets threatening to behead people. At least once a month, I hear about yet another Mormon extremist who "honor killed" his daughter or wife or sister. Those violent Bhuddist extremists frequently stone women for the crime of being raped. And don't get me started on those extremist Taoists who take seriously the command in the Tao Te Ching to slaughter of those who don't follow the Tao.
Some other numbskull decides to jump in with her brilliant repartee:

I haven't seen Muslims picketing the funerals of our dead soldiers with signs: "Thank God for dead soldiers" (Westboro Baptist Church)
Seriously?! How abysmally witless do you have to be to try to make a moral equivalence between inbred stupidity (Westboro Baptist) and rape & murder? My response:
Yeah, those Westboro extremists make Muslim extremists look like amateurs. Muslims only drag our soldiers' naked, mutilated corpses through the streets and then hang them from a bridge. Or maybe saw their heads off and videotape it. They've got a lot to learn from Westboro Baptist Church.
I'm hopeful that the twit in question realizes that her moral equivalence is utterly ridiculous. No such luck:
Cpl .Jeremy Morlock (AK) and 4 other soldiers murdering innocent Afghans for fun and collecting their body parts as souvenirs. Like Jenny said there are extremists in every group!!
To quote from the Princess Bride: "Truly, your logic is dizzying." My final attempt at exposing her false premise will probably still have zero impact, but at least I can say I tried thrice:
Exactly. I agree 100%. I am certain that Al Jazeera reporters in this country live in constant fear of being kidnapped and beheaded for not converting to Christianity, just like Nick Berg. And when a Muslim gets elected president of the USA..., I'm certain that 100s of Muslims will get murdered in the streets and 40 mosques will be burned down in protest, just like what happened last week in Nigeria. I bet that often, in non-Muslim countries, 17-year-old Muslim school teachers get hung by Baha'i extremists for not teaching the Baha'i faith, just like Mona Mahmudnizhad was hung. And I know for certain that teenage Muslim schoolgirls are frequently murdered by machete-wielding Catholic extremists.
 After this, I give up. If nitwits like this want to pretend that everything's okay and there aren't people out there that want to cut their throats, so be it. Nothing I can say will convince them. </rant>

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